Below, we've gathered a selection of links to other Pipe Bands and sites of interest. If you are an instrument, clothing or accessory maker, or you are a member of a pipe band located around Asia, and would like your site included on this page, please contact us.

Pipe Bands
Dubai Pipe Band (
PinoyPiper - The only Filipino Piper in the World (

Piping Press
PlanetPipe (

Bagpipe Makers / Highland Merchandise
MacMurchie Bagpipe Makers, Scotland ( (great for identifying bagpipes / reeds etc.)

Sheet Music & Audio Files (a new site : - good for free sheet music) (a good site for requesting free sheet music from pipers / drummers worldwide) (good website (when it is working) for hearing midi files of bagpipe tunes) (another good website for listening to midi files of tunes) (free weekly piping / pipe band programme which can be accessed over the internet)

Forums (gossip and slagging appear to be 'the norm' on this website) (an informative and well moderated website with pipers / drummers worldwide) (includes a piping / drumming forum. Despite being mainly focused on the Australian piping / drumming scene, has members from all over the world) (the piping /drumming forum run by Pipe Fest) /default.asp (yet another piping related forum) (fairly inactive drumming related forum) (drumming related forum)

Publications / Official Bodies (internet edition of the Canadian publication "Piper and Drummer Magazine") (website of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association) (webpages of the Glasgow based "National Piping Centre") (website of the Pipe Fest organisation which organises the charity parades on "tartan day" etc.) (Pipe Band Association (Singpaore) Australian Pipe Band Championships